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Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis, DSE UniMI – 2019/2020

The course provide a complete overview of the state of the art and research perspective in the field of text mining and sentiment analysis, with an introduction to some relevant and correlated problems such as emotion detection and opinion mining. The course program is articulated in two main modules of 20 hours each. The first […]

Coding for Data Science and Data Management, DSE UniMI – 2019/2020

The course aims at providing technical skills about coding/scripting aspects for data analysis and to manage persistent data storage of sources and results involved in analysis. On the one side, the Python programming language and the R framework are illustrated. The goal is to deal with essential notions about data structures and control structures of […]

Asset Pricing, UniNE – 2019/2020

The course  derives  asset  pricing  models  that  are  designed  to  explain  the  cross‐section  and  the  dynamic behavior  of  asset  returns,  empirically  assessing  the  models  to  discuss  their  usefulness  for practical applications. The following additional sessions in the computer lab are designed to help review and prepare basic quantitative methods needed for finance. Labs Introduction to […]

YUIMA Summer School – 2019

The first YUIMA Summer School on Computational and Statistical Methods for Stochastic Process aims at introducing researchers, PhD students and practitioners to several aspects of modern numerical and statistical analysis of time series through the R language and, in particular, the YUIMA package. The 4 days course covers topics of R programming, time series data […]

Mathematics, SPO UniMI – 2018/2019

The course provides the mathematical tools needed to attend successfully the study of economic and financial disciplines. The students will learn these fundamental topics of Mathematics through theoretical lectures as well as through practice lectures. The exam consists of a written paper, with theoretical questions as well as exercises. Exercises Functions (pdf) Limits (pdf) Slant asymptote (pdf) […]