COVID-19 Data Hub

In early 2020, I started a project to provide the research community with a unified dataset by collecting worldwide fine-grained case data, merged with exogenous variables helpful for a better understanding of COVID-19.

The first prototype of the dataset was used in a joint paper with K. Bartoszek, S.M. Iacus, and M. Okrój. In April 2020, the project was funded by the Canadian Institute for Data Valorization IVADO thanks to the collaboration with D. Ardia. The project won the CovidR contest in May, it was presented at the European R Users Meeting in June, and it was published in the Journal of Open Source Software in July. The latest version of the dataset is described in A worldwide epidemiological database for COVID-19 at fine-grained spatial resolution.

The dataset has been downloaded millions of times and it has enabled a variety of academic studies. This project is now supported by the R Consortium.

Emanuele Guidotti
Emanuele Guidotti
PhD Student in Finance

Interdisciplinary research at the intersection of finance, data science, and statistics.